Chat summarizer plugin for instant messaging apps

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Welcome to Summarize It!

Summarize it is a chat summarizer plugin for instant messaging applications. It summarizes the large content of chat logs which enables users to quickly understand the current context of the conversation. Currently Summarize it works on top of Slack as its plugin.

Installing Summarize It plugin for your slack

1. visit ``
2. Enter the command name you wish to use
3. Enter the request url ``

Using Summarize It plugin with slack

Type /summarize-it-command-name to initiate the plugin. The plugin will automatically summarize the above chat contents and display the summary.

APIs being used

Slack , HP IdleOn Demand

Authors and Contributors

Yask Srivastava Ketan Bhatt Pranu Sarna Vinayak Mehta

Support or Contact

Having trouble with summarize it? Create an issue in the repository Github Repo