FOSSASIA'16 Experience

This year I was invited to FOSSASIA'16 Singapore to give a talk on my GSoC'15 project I did for Python Software Foundation.

I attended the full conference (17th March - 20th March) and had a great experience while delivering my talk.

FOSSASIA is said to be ASIA's biggest opensource conference and it attracted many great speakers from across the globe. Thus it gave me an opportunity to meet those people in person whom I only knew by their IRC nicknames and blogs.

The best part of this conference, apart from the talks, was to have a one to one discussions with other speakers. People were really humble there. You could just walk to anyone, say Hi! and get started on a healthy discussion.

Stephanie Taylor, Cat Allmen from Google, who manages Google Summer Of Code programme, and I had a discussion on how we can further encourage younger students to get involved in open source.

I had a long conversation with Mike McQuaid (Maintainer of Homebrew). Talked about our open source projects and I took a lot of career advices from him.

Further I met a lot of other open source developers. Meeting and talking to these people motivated me a lot. These people don't code for making money, but for their passion and solving real life difficult problems with it.

For example, I met a school teacher who is teaching Physics in an interactive way using Python, met a guy who is making a code editor for blind people.. etc. There was a lot of energy in that conference, and it was inspiring to see people moving to open source to solve these problems.

My talk was on 19th March at 3 PM at Pauli's Lab. The crowd turnout was very impressive and I had a great time presenting my talk.

Overall it was a wonderfull experience. Everything was well executed and I hope to be there next year too @ FOSSASIA'17.

Also, I would like to thank Google and Python Software Foundation for supporting me financially without which it wouldn't have been possible for me to attend this amazing event.