Revamped my blog

I had been thinking to make changes in my blog for a while but couldn't do it for the following reasons.

  • Forgotten the command to create new post.
  • I was using modified Casper theme (ported from Ghost), which was buggy...
  • I wanted AMP pages (supported by themes) for my blog too.
  • Got tired of blogging from code editor.

I guess all of that motivated me to move to Ghost. But, I didn't want to setup a nodejs stack just to serve some static files.

But then I came across this awesome python module called Buster. It's a hacky way to generate static files from running Ghost blog.

I wasn't expecting it work 100%, but was totally surprised! It works really well.

Created an alias $ alias updateblog="cd yask_blog && buster generate --domain=http://localhost:2368/ && buster deploy" which gets called whenever any changes are detected on my Ghost blog.

This makes it possible to instantly deploy my new blog after making any changes :)