I had always gazed at friend in awe at work. How he magically magically moved around the codebase, edited functions and it felt almost as if he was speaking with his editor in some magician language. Yep, I am talking about Vim.

I had really never thought about investing so much time to learn a text editor, until I started feeling inefficient. I have been mostly working with huge rails apps, sometimes multiple apps running in my dev environment at the same time. Making changes, testing instantly was slowing me down.

Atom’s rspec plugin won’t work with my configurations, the go to definition feature was missing, I was getting lost with multiple tabs in my terminal. And when I rebooted, I had to spend time setting up my stuff the same way which was monotonous. Finally, all of this was enough and asked my colleague to pair with me to help me set up vim and tmux.

I had to literally force myself to use vim, but I soon started getting more efficient and developed brain memory to talk to my editor in magical language. It is extremely rewarding!

I have multiple windows in tmux to work on different apps, vim-test to test anything magically. I use fzf fuzzy finder to searching files, and I integrated it with silver searcher for search text. My spent days setting up my dotfiles, and yes I am so satisfied by my setup!

I have to say vim has made an impact on my programming skills. It just makes programming so much fun!