About Me

Hi! I am Yask Srivastava. I am majoring in Information Technology from GGSIP University and will be graduating next year in August. I have worked at »

Revamped my blog

I had been thinking to make changes in my blog for a while but couldn't do it for the following reasons. Forgotten the command to create »


I started working on projects in the summer of 2013. You can check out my open source projects on Github. Here are some of the best »

My Flipkart internship experience

Not properly formatted, please read this post on medium: https://medium.com/@yask123/my-flintern-experience-c33ab16bdb4f My 2 month internship at Flipkart is almost over. It was such »

FOSSASIA'16 Experience

This year I was invited to FOSSASIA'16 Singapore to give a talk on my GSoC'15 project I did for Python Software Foundation. I attended the full »

CPU scheduling Algos

Posting a few basic c++ programs I wrote to simulate CPU scheduling algorithms. First Come First Serve As the name suggest, we select process according to »

GSoC Update - #2

Phew! So my end-terms exams just ended on 15th June. But I had long gaps in between my exams so I was contributing to MoinMoin side »